College Gym and Squash Courts

Queens' has its own on-site sports facilities in the form of a multi-gym and three squash courts. The former, whilst somewhat basic, has a range of cardio machines including bikes and treadmills, as well as dumbbells and a variety of weight machines. An email will be sent round regarding applying for gym membership in the first few weeks of terms – note that there is a limited number of users for the gym, so membership is allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

If using the multi-gym, please read the guidance on the website first -

The squash courts in Queens' are available for use by any student, and can be booked here: There is also one designated MCR squash night per week, where MCR members come along for a group session – all skill levels are very much welcome! These will be publicised through the Facebook group and mailing lists. If you don't own a squash racket, the MCR has a set of rackets, stored in the MCR locker area, that can be signed out, also via the porters lodge.

Please remember to re-rack and put equipment away, this should be part of your post workout and cleaning routine.


Queens' is very fortunate to have four of our own Punts (traditional wooden boats used on the River Cam), for which responsibility of their maintenance and management falls under the role of the Woodville Steward on the MCR committee. Punting is an integral part of Cambridge life and it is recommended that you try it out at least once! During freshers' week, punting tours will be arranged so that you can see Cambridge from the river upon your arrival, as well as give it a go yourself. Punts can be booked via or via the QR code below


Use of the Queens' punts is more convenient and far cheaper than hiring punts in Cambridge. Cushions and paddles are stored in the punt lockers in the bike shed, and the punt poles are kept on a rack at the corner of Cripps building closest to the grove. Please keep the punts tidy and report any issues to the Woodville steward, or the porters, and be respectful of the river and those who use it. Due to the English weather, punting is seasonal and the punts will be de-commissioned at some point during Michaelmas term, and return to the water when the weather gets better in the Spring. If you have any questions, please get in touch on