Graduate Accommodation

Owlstone Croft

Owlstone Croft is a college owned hostel, located a 10 - 15 minute walk from the central College site.

The property is situated on a two and a half acre site, adjacent to a nature reserve on the banks of the Cam. It provides self-catering accommodation for over 90 students in 3 accommodation blocks with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Typically students at Owlstone Croft are postgraduate although there are some 4th year undergraduates.

Charges at Owlstone are made on a quarterly basis meaning that students don't have to vacate rooms out of termtime. The quarters cover Oct/Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb/Mar and Apr/May/June with the possibility of extension in to the summer vacation.

A charge for gas (to include heating during the Michaelmas and Lent quarters), as calculated from meter readings, will be charged in the quarter following the reading. All other utility charges are included in the room charge.

Where the option to choose a quiet Owlstone room is given, these are not specific rooms. All students who give this preference are simply grouped together with the assumption that this will result in a quiet area within the overall block.

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