Welcome to the Welfare tab of Queens’ MCR.

We hope you feel very welcome while in Cambridge, and Queens’ MCR is here to provide information, welfare, support and representation for every college member. Queens’ has an impressive full time Welfare Team, consisting of Welfare Advisers, Registered Nurses and highly qualified mental health professionals. All are highly trained and experienced at supporting others with any welfare issues. The College Nurses can support you with a wide range of physical health and welfare issues. They are available to attend to injuries and minor illnesses, to give wellbeing advice and information, and to liaise with other health professionals.

For instance:

  • If you’re experiencing any mental health issues you can easily access professional mental health support.
  • If you’ve experienced any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse at the University or in the local community, we can provide non-judgemental and non-directive support.
  • If you’re experiencing a problem with your supervisor, accommodation, administration etc., we can help take your concerns to the appropriate people.
  • We can sign-post you to the many resources available for under-represented groups

Please contact the Welfare Officer (mcr-welfare@queens.cam.ac.uk), or any Committee Member with anything during this year, whether academic, social or personal. Our inboxes are always open and we are here to support you. Please see the Queens’ website for further details: https://www.queens.cam.ac.uk/life-at-queens/student-welfare-services