Freshers’ Information

We look forward to welcoming you soon in Cambridge! For now, the documents below may be of assistance, as well as the link to the Graduate Freshers’ Week Section on the main college website.

Queens’ College main website Graduate Freshers’ Section

Queens’ MCR Welcome Pack 2020 [MCR Welcome Pack 2020]

Fresher’s Facebook Group 2020-21 Click Here

Pre-arrival events around the globe by University Alumni Engagement team: [website] [Invitation and Schedule of Events]


Which gown should I go for? Follow the flow chart below! [More Gown information]

To clarify: MA/BA status gown = MA/BA gown without strings

For those who have Cambridge degrees: if you have both MA and MMath/MEng/MSci, go for MA gown as it is the HIGHEST degree in the ranking.



Other freshers’ events in Cambridge can be found below:

Welcome events organised by Christian Graduate Society: website.

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