Freshers’ Week 2020

2nd-16th October 2020

Planning is currently in process. All events are planned according to current UK government guidelines and will be subject to change accordingly.

Please be aware that these events may be changed/ cancelled subject to changes in government guidelines.

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See below for “Freshers week dictionary”

Freshers Week Dictionary:


  1. Farmyard scavenger hunt
  2. Brunch
  3. Practical tours of Cambridge
  4. Meet the committee Zoom
  5. MCR Fika
  6. Wine and Cheese
  7. LGBTQ+ mixer
  8. Family nights
  9. Finders frenzy
  10. Other virtual events
  11. Historical tours
  12. Cambridge Scavenger Hunt

Farmyard Scavenger Hunt:

  • Friday 2nd October
  • Time: 19.00-22.00
  • You will be contacted with your assigned groups. Each group will assign a head “farmer” who will receive the first clue for the scavenger hunt.
  • Groups will be given a place to meet to begin the hunt to find all the lost animals.
  • We will be running a “best group photo” competition throughout the night – winning group will get a bottle of Prosecco. Post pictures to the freshers facebook group.
  • When you find your final animal you will be rewarded with a drink!


  • Saturdays and Sundays Every week
  • We would like to encourage MCR students to experience “Queens’ Brunch” especially over the first few weeks. Brunch runs every weekend from 11-13. It is a great time to meet other MCR members for a nice relaxing classical English breakfast.
  • There is space to sit socially distanced in Cripps hall or on the outdoor furniture in the marquee or elsewhere around college. Keep to the Rule of 6!!
  • Remember this year Buttery is requiring you bring your own Tupperware and cutlery.

Practical Tours of Cambridge:

  • Saturday 3rd and Sunday 11th and 18th October
  • Time: 14.00
  • Details of where to meet your groups will be emailed based on the sign-up sheet.
  • This will take you around Cambridge city centre where we will point out where to find important places like a pharmacy and supermarket etc.
  • Masks are to be worn throughout the tour.
  • We have also prepared a “Practical Map of Cambridge”:
  • If you cannot access it, please check if your default Google account is your Cambridge account. If so, either log out/change the default or try to use it in a private browser/tab.

Meet the Committee Zoom:

  • Saturday 3rd October
  • Time: 20.00
  • This event will be held on Zoom. The MCR Committee will introduce themselves and you’ll get a chance to have a conversation and ask any questions you may have.
  • Bring your own drink/ tea/ coffee!

MCR Fika:

  • Every Tuesday in Term
  • Time: 18.30
  • Place: Woodville Room
  • Sign-up is required due to space limitations.
  • Individually wrapped snacks will be provided but please bring your own drinks.

Wine and Cheese:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays in Freshers
  • Time: 19.30
  • Place: Lyon Court Marquee
  • Groups and dates will be assigned based on preference from the google form. Everyone who signed up will be invited to attend a wine and cheese evening.

LGBTQ+ Mixer:

  • Wednesday 14th October
  • Time: 19.00
  • Place: Woodville Room
  • Sign-up is required due to number restrictions.
  • James will be hosting this event and it will be BYOB (Bring your own drinks).

Family Nights:

  • College families have been assigned. You will be contacted by your college “parents” to arrange an informal meet up.

Finders Frenzy:

  • An online app has been created to allow Queens’ MCR members to post what they want to do around Cambridge, whether it be heading to the pub, for coffee, or for some bouldering and have up to 5 other members join them. During the Finders Frenzy, we encourage the MCR to have a look at the bucket list of Cambridge activities that the committee loves and their special hints for each, and host and join some of these around the same time! There should be lots going on, but if you can’t find something to your flavour, feel free to introduce something (: The app is available here:
  • Alex will be demonstrating how this will work at the “Meet the committee” Zoom.

Other virtual events:

  • All virtual events will use the same Zoom meeting link. Hosts will send around a reminder and description of the event closer to the time. Here are some which are already confirmed – others are TBC.
  • 4th October – 20.00 Virtual Games night – Josh has arranged 3 different games – First person shooter, One-on-one escape rooms and online codenames.
  • 8th October – 20.00 Food based picture Quiz hosted by Juliette
  • 9th October – 20.00 Cocktail night hosted by Alice and James
  • 15th October – 20.00 Games night hosted by Alex
  • 16th October – 20.00 Drink and draw or draw and not drink hosted by Emily
  • 20th October – 19.00 Virtual cook-along with Andrea
  • 22nd October – 19.00 Delicious Deliveroo Dinner Dash with Rob

Historical Queens’ Tours:

  • Sunday 18th October
  • Time: 12.00
  • Sign-up required. Starts will be staggered to avoid meeting other groups, specific groups will be contacted closer to the time.
  • Masks will be required.
  • MCR Committee members will walk you around Queens’ college and talk a bit about the history and some interesting facts

Cambridge Scavenger Hunt

  • Wednesday 7th October
  • Time: From 3pm
  • Sign up online, you will be assigned groups to explore Cambridge with
  • Meet Emily and Alice at the start point in Queens’, where they’ll hand you your clues to follow the trail around the city. There are challenges along the way, so make sure to send your photos to the social media and the best entries will win PRIZES!
  • We will meet you at the end for a drink or ice cream (Queens’ students get a nice 20% off on this afternoon too!)

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