The Graduate Committee & Graduate Tutors

The Graduate Tutors

The graduate tutors undertake important pastoral work with regard to graduate students, helping many to overcome challenges during their degrees. They strongly champion graduate interests at college level, working constructively and effectively with MCR Committees on the wide range of different issues that affect graduates. They also hold mid-table-dining events, where students are invited to the mid-table to dine alongside them at formal hall. This is an important staple of graduate life at Queens’. Through their roles on the graduate committee, they keep their eyes on the long term prospects of the MCR, helping to ensure continuity and progress on graduate issues.

Dr Tiley

Professor Hall

Professor Edmonds

Dr Allison

Dr Jones

The Graduate Committee

The Graduate Committee is responsible to the Governing Body for oversight of graduate matters and acts an advisory body through:

(1) Consideration of planning and policy development issues relating to graduates;
(2) Enhancement of the experience and environment of graduate students in the College;
(3) Recruitment of graduate students to the College, including aspects of marketing and branding;
(4) Periodically gathering information on needs for graduates to inform other committees of the GB and College strategy where appropriate (e.g. with regards to accommodation, study space, scholarships, funding etc.)
(5) Oversight of:
– the role/job description of GDoS/Mentors;
– graduate events (Graduate Induction, Postgraduate Open Day, MCR activities)

The Graduate committee meets at least once per Term.

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