The interests of the MCR (Middle Combination Room) are served by two committees within Queens’.

The MCR committee, staffed and chaired by the student body, is responsible for the provision of social facilities and activities for its members, and collates and express the opinions of its members in relation to their participation in College life. It meets whenever is necessary, typically several times each term. The MCR Committee is governed according to its constitution, which is subject to the discretion of the governing body, and the order, which guides aspects of its day-to-day running.

The Graduate Committee is staffed by a combination of graduate students, including the President and Secretary of the MCR, and college staff and fellows, including the graduate tutors. It is responsible for the oversight of graduate matters, including planning and policy related to graduates, enhancement of the graduate experience, recruitment of new students, and the gathering information to inform on college strategy. The Graduate committee meets at least once per term.

The MCR Committee

Former Committees

MCR Constitution

MCR Order


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