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***If you are interesting in contributing to current Queens’ College projects, please contact the development office for more information. A great way to donate is via the 1448 Society, which allows you to donate periodically towards a number of causes within college.***

The MCR Committee and Graduate Committee have many on-going projects, which benefit greatly from the generous support and work of the college, and of past and current MCR members. A short, by no means exhaustive list of current projects is given below:

Redevelopment and Creation of Graduate Accommodation and Social Spaces

Mill Lane Development

The development office continues to look for donations towards the Mill Lane development, which will have a number of rooms for graduates.

Improvement to Graduate Properties with Artwork

Over the summer the college will be undertaking work to improve the quality of graduate accommodation at Owlstone Croft, involving the replacement of furniture. This work is taking place thanks to the generosity of the college, under the direction of the Senior Bursar and his staff. We are particularly interested in obtaining artwork for the corridors and social spaces at Owlstone Croft, which are currently devoid of any decoration. If you have artwork you wish to donate, or are prepared to contribute towards this, please contact the keeper of the pictures, Dr James Campbell who is assisting this effort.

Improvement of Combination Rooms

The Combination Rooms in both Owlstone Croft and the Woodville Room at the main site are essential for bringing people together in college. They are a place to read books, play pool, make tea/coffee, and for just chilling out. We are interested in obtaining:
– Books for reading, rather than academic study, in particular copies of the Britannica, great biographies and books of great importance which would form the staple of a good book collection.
– Large, attractive tables for casual working/graduate dinner parties/events at Owlstone Croft.
– New pool tables and cues for both combination rooms, a new table-football table.
– A new piano (preferable equipped with soft pedal) for use in the Owlstone Croft Combination room.
– New acoustic guitars for the Owlstone Croft Combination room, preferably a set of two so that people may play together.
– A projector and screen for Owlstone Croft Movie Nights.
– A new set of speakers for the Woodville Room.
– Funds towards the creation, purchase and framing of MCR matriculation, may ball, and feast photographs.
– Seriously cool, classy carpets for both Combination rooms.
– Proper wood panelling like in all the other great Queens’ college combination rooms, at both Owlstone and in the Woodville Room.
– Storage units above the lockers in the Woodville Room Lobby for squash and cricket equipment, and for the MCR Christmas Tree.

Exterior improvements to Owlstone Croft

– A croquet set.
– Deckchairs for sitting out on the new lawns at Owlstone Croft.
– A set of bicycle tools so that students are able to maintain their bicycles if they wish to, which can be dispensed by the porters at Owlstone Croft.
– Longer term, the MCR wishes to explore the potential for having punts dedicated to the stretch of river at Owlstone Croft, which is convenient for punting towards Granchester.

House Funds

Panton houses have access to funds for the purchase of communal equipment aimed at bringing people together and strengthening community: examples include BBQ equipment, small table-mounted projectors for watching movies, and kitchen equipment such as crockery, cutlery and pots or pans. If you wish to contribute to these funds, please contact the Senior Bursar’s Office.

Mid-Table Dining and MCR-SCR Talks & Dining

Mid-table dining is an important part of graduate life at Queens’, where graduate tutors invite their tutor groups to the SCR for a reception, before dining with them on the Mid-Table and returning afterwards to the SCR for more conversation. The dinner is paid for by the college. In the informal atmosphere, research connections are often made, and students are able to discuss common challenges in their degrees and research. Contributions towards these events are welcome.

MCR-SCR Talks have become a staple of graduate life in college; the talks and the dinner which follows are great opportunities for graduates to benefit from the scrutiny of experienced fellowship, and a special time to hear of progress and research from across a broad variety of different research fields. Tales have followed of improved thesis content, excellent and thoughtful advice, academic connections, and illuminating conversations. The MCR Committee is prepared to name the talks sessions after those who are prepared to fund them so that more MCR members and Fellowship can be encouraged to attend. Donations towards nibbles and drinks can also be made, and attendance from Alumni is most welcome.

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