As well as social events, Grad Talks provide a chance for academic interaction with your peers in the MCR. These are seminars, held two to three times each term, where Queens’ postgraduate students can present an aspect of their research to an audience of other MCR members, and sometimes fellows. These are a great way to practice your presentation skills in a fairly relaxed environment, or simply to let others know what you actually do all day! Grad talks are organised by the MCR Academic Affairs Officer and are usually held in the Erasmus room on main-site and light refreshments are provided.

Further information about Grad Talks will be communicated at the start of each term. If you have any questions about them or would like to present your work, please contact the Academic Affairs Officer on

Past talks

  • “The Graduate Community at Queens’: Who Are You?” by Prof Lisa Hall (Queens’ College Vice President) on 19th January 2016
  • “(Re)producing peace? A look inside the United Nations and its universities” by Kevin Kester on 13th October 2015