The MCR Committee

For a description of the various roles in the MCR committee, see below.

Alex Wakelam

Joe Stallard

Rebecca Hartwell

Margherita Protasoni

Agavi Stavropoulou

Luz Alonso

Alice Waterhouse

Jonny Tsang

Lakshana Mohee

Marilou Boddé

Liming Li

Juan Canavera

Chelsea Michta

Johnny Kim

Aracely Castillo

Dom Thomas-James


Quentin Peter


The Roles in Detail


The president is the formal head of the MCR elected each year. They operate the smooth running of MCR functions as well as representing the graduate body to the college as well as serving as a focus point for inquiries by any of our members. [Contact]


The Secretary handles the majority of MCR communications as well as serving as an informal vice-president, assisting the president in their responsibilities with the College. On an average day their main focus though is replying to emails sent to the MCR as well as constructing the weekly newsletter of college news. [Contact]


The treasurer holds the purse strings of the MCR. All expenses occurred in the running of the MCR ultimately goes through them. They also assist in general running of the committee. [Contact]

Ents Officers

The Ents officers are principally in charge of organising the social events for members of the MCR throughout the year other than those covered by the steward. [Contact]


Like the Ents officers, the steward’s roll is primarily social but they run all things to do with dinner in college. They organise the various feasts and special dinners throughout the year as well as running ballots related to these dinners. [Contact]

Woodville Steward

The Woodville steward is in charge of running the MCR’s location in college, the Woodville Room. As well as living next door they are responsible for maintenance and order in the room. They also maintain the supply of refreshments and serve aperitifs before Formal Hall dinners. [Contact]

Formal Exchanges

Usually comprising of two officers, formal exchanges are in charge of organizing visits to other colleges for dinners throughout the year as well as negotiating with other MCRs wishing to dine at Queens’. [Contact]

Welfare Officer

The welfare officer is responsible for representing the well-being of the graduate community. As well as organising welfare events and issuing information to the MCR, they also negotiate with the college over issues relating to the needs of the MCR. [Contact]

Academic Affairs

Representing the intellectual aspects of the MCR as well as helping out with running of the MCR, the academic affairs officer’s main responsibility is organising the various seminar events over the year. [Contact]

International Rep

The international rep is the first point of contact for non-UK students. They are responsible for raising their issues with the committee and with the College. They also may run events for the international community as well as distributing information that is pertinent to them. [Contact]


The role of LGBT+ rep centres around ensuring that LGBT+ views are represented in the MCR and the college in general. They work in conjunction with the MCR welfare rep and CUSU LGBT+ rep to organise LGBT+ specific events and publicise CUSU LGBT+ events, and act as a contact point for people questioning their sexuality or wanting LGBT+-specific advice or support. [Contact]

First Year Rep

The First Year Rep is responsible for representing all Queens’ first year graduate students and making sure that freshers interests are taken into account in all MCR committee matters and in the organisation of events. They also work to gather feedback from freshers on anything that could be improved to help new students (in particular one-year students) with settling in. [Contact]

Owlstone Rep

The Owlstone rep is responsible for representing students with regards to accommodation issues, primarily at Owlstone, but also at other Queens’-owned graduate properties via communication with the appropriate house reps. They sit on the college Domus Committee (which meets to discuss and deal with all arising accommodation-related matters) and endeavour to improve facilities at Owlstone (and other Queens’ graduate accommodation). [Contact]