MCR Committee

The Middle Combination Room (MCR) serves as a focal point of graduate life at Queens’, and represents the interests of graduates to the College. The MCR Constitution outlines the guiding principles of the committee, though it has grown a bit out of date. The MCR Order contains the duties of the elected members, as well as some administrivia.

MCR Committee 2015-16

Jenny Leivadarou

Alexander Kuhnle

Sameer Khan

Tom Albrow-Owen

Audrey Crousilles

Abel Latorre-Serna

Jack Belloli

Afra Pujol i Campeny

Stavros Polykarpou

Ankita Anirban

Lydia Prieg

Tom Albrow-Owen

Loughlin Sweeney

Ondrej Dockal

Arthur Westwell

Leslie Chang

Past MCR Presidents

2014-2015 Shachi Amdekar
2013-2014 Henry Cathcart
2012-2013 Kristen Klebba
2011-2012 Sarah Gardner
2010-2011 Simon Breakspear
2009-2010 Duncan Hanson
2008-2009 Johanna Hanink
2007-2008 Justin Bishop
2006-2007 Daniel Cook
2005-2006 Alexander Quayle
2004-2005 Danny Rham
2003-2004 Paul Dinkin
2002-2003 Will Matthews
2001-2002 Helen Carroll
2000-2001 Efrosini Setakis
1999-2000 Fraser Allen
1998-1999 James Hopgood
1997-1998 Hugh Doherty
1996-1997 Chris Hunter

Website Credits

The QMCR website was set up by Johannes Ammann (Webmaster 2008-2009) who also contributed most of the pictures and designed the QMCR logo.